Best Hotels in Kuala Lumpur, Malasia for Cheap Price

Kuala Lumpur one of the City in the south east Asian tapestry that blends the richness of the glorious past and sets the eyes at the bright future- that’s Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. Kuala Lumpur Over the years there has been a great cultural and progressive churning that has brought out the best of potential and the resources. Kuala Lumpur is the real asset of this country is its multi cultural identity, a true amalgamation of the Malay, Chinese, Indian and the other tribes adding on to the existing wealth of traditions, religions and heritage.

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Images of Kuala Lumpur’s skyline are well known. It is a city characterized by striking feats of post-modern architecture and culture. As one of the most visited cities on earth, it’s little wonder that there are so many excellent Kuala Lumpur hotels.

When it comes to finding accommodation in this shimmering capital of Malaysia, the hard thing is finding an establishment which doesn’t have four or five stars. The picture of the skyline, that totemic image of skyscrapers of shining glass and inventive design, not least the legendary Petronas Twin Towers with their sky bridge, can be somewhat misleading. The city is the financial and cultural hub of Malaysia, and tourism forms a significant part of the service-orientated economy. For that reason, many of the old colonial buildings have either been modified or completely razed to make way for new architecture which can accommodate hundreds or even thousands of visitors.

However, there are some fine examples of colonial architecture which remain and although these are not the primary premises for the hotels in Kuala Lumpur, those looking for a more intimate boutique style experience, might want to book into accommodations which have heritage features. But for many the allure of this great city is to take a room in one of those grand glass-facade skyscrapers which are the city’s architectural totem. In these you’ll have many more amenities and services than you can ever use in a single visit. These establishments cater both to the tourist and business market, and there are facilities for either kind of trip. This is where you’ll find a hotel with not one but two infinity pools, each with magnificent views of the metropolis.

With the growing number of MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferencing and Exhibitions) tourists, there are many hotels which have improved their conference and meeting venues. Larger conferences are generally held at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Center which, with the Petronas Twin Towers, is considered one of the city’s most impressive feats of modern architecture. For smaller gatherings and meetings, most of the good hotels have more than one excellent venue and, because MICE tourists are highly valued for their contribution to the economy, you or your company can expect exceptional service.

It would be remiss not to mention the strong ethos of gourmet dining which underpins the good hotels. Indeed, the city has become one the global hotspots for serious foodies and is perhaps in the top five world destinations for fine dining. Chefs who have already earned their stripes or, as is often the case, their Michelin star, can be found concocting delightful meals from the world’s great menus. Which is not to say that you won’t find the new and exciting, which, in Kuala Lumpur, is perhaps easier to find as a famous dish attributed to a great chef of France. Expect a bit of drama in some of the hotel restaurants, where you’ll have flaming dishes arrive and perhaps a ceremonial performance to mark an occasion or just the arrival of your dessert. The majority of restaurants also offer great views, especially if they’re located on the top floors of the building. Enjoy everything from award-winning haute cuisine to exceptional Japanese and local fare.

Many come to the city for longer stays than those typical for a holiday or a conference and for them there are some attractive alternatives to the circadian check-in and out policy of most hotels. Some luxury hotels in Kuala Lumpur offer apartments as well as traditional accommodations, and these will provide guests with the additional freedom of cooking their own food and being able to take care of laundry without enlisting the hotel service. Such places also offer comprehensive in-room entertainment systems, although most good local accommodations do the same.

It’s a rather recent phenomenon, but there seem to be quite a few more economical hotels springing up around the country. This is perhaps due to the large number of visitors who come either on holiday or for a conference and haven’t the means or desire to book into the costlier establishments. These places will offer a stripped set of services, although you have all you’ll need for a pleasing stay.

Don’t forget to hit the shops at least once. Quite a few of the luxury hotels have their own shopping areas, and the city is filled with many impressive shopping malls. There is the Suria KLCC mall beneath the Petronas Twin Towers, and it is worth the trip just to experience the glitter and design.